Sunday, June 14, 2009

New Season of the Closer I'm a HUGE Closer fan. I love Brenda & Fritz. Get a kick out of Provena and Flynn.

But Kitty...poor kitty has to get sick:( How awful. I'm a cat person and that's just awful. she loves that cat!

I liked the story, though I did figure this one out withing the first 15 minutes. Most of them have twists and turns but this time it was more obvious.

We'll see what happens on the Closer this season. Saving Grace starts this week. I've got to wait until July to see Leverage...oh well. hopefully it stays as good as it started. Grace just keeps getting weirder. I go on and off that show.

Have a nice week! Check back Tuesday for my release announcement:)



  1. Hi Cheryl,
    Love The Closer, Saving Grace is so-so, Leverage is great!! i'm waiting on the fall season tho for new NCIS and NCIS LA? NCIS is my very favorite show and I think the new NCIS is going to be awesome too!!

  2. My friends love the closer.